Crisp, clean features: 
Our printhead consists of nozzles every 140µm that create 10µm layer heights and multi-material features as small as 1mm with a glossy or matte finish.

Print with rigid, flexible, conductive silver nanoparticle ink and full CYMKW color build materials with easy to swap cartridges.


Limitless printing

Engineered to provide user friendly printing

Multi-Material Precison

State of the art materials and technology to deliver high precision, multi-material products.

User-friendly printing: 
The Avana3D platform allows users access to the Avana app, marketplace with no printing experience required. No slicing and special printer configuration necessary.

Faster processing: 
Hydrophilic Support Material speeds up finishing steps by dissolving seamlessly in clean water without the use of harsh chemicals. Self-contained curing and post curing process, no need for a separate post curing oven.